London Fire: 6 Died and 50 People Are Injured in Grenfell Tower

By | June 14, 2017

A massive fire broke out in Latimer Road’s Grenfell Tower located in White City district in West London this Wednesday morning. At least Six people are confirmed died and around 50 people are injured in the massive fire.

All the injured people are taken to the nearest hospital from the building. Some people are seeing jumping from windows to escape the fire.

London fire Images

London fire Images

Mayor of London give their statement on the fire on the Grenfell Tower;-View image on Twitter

London Fire Brigade said that 40 fire engines and 200 firefighters were trying to douse the fire at West Estate tower block. The fire brigade department generate a statement and saying the fire had spread from the second floor to the top floor of the building.
Police said a “number of people are being treated for a range of injuries”, as pictures from the scene in North Kensington showed flames engulfing the block and the plume of smoke visible across the capital.
The area around the Grenfell tower has been cordoned by the police and approx 30 adjacent flats have been elimnated by the poilce.
Metropolitan Police, have asked people to stay away from the area for some time. Police also said the residents are being eliminated from the tower block and many people are being treated for various injuries.
6 people are confirmed died and a 50 people are injured and taken to the nearest 5 hospitals for their treatment.
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