Stree movie full story review in hindi 2018

By | September 9, 2018

Stree movie full movie review

This movie giving the message that we should respect women, consider them as equal and powerful as men and empower them

(stree movie) The strange town of chanderi is haunted by a ghost named as stree. the ghost was an angery women see takes men during the festival session this ghost is known as ‘Stree’ .she takes men to her haunted fort in the forest and use to leave the clothes of the men .In this movie the vicky who is the main actor of this film falls in love with a girl which only use to come in the festival sessions .

Her frequent disappearing acts makes his friends suspicious about her and they start believing that she could be the Stree who is haunting the city. when one of vicky friend named jaana disappears ,vicky
attempts to find out more about this stree ghost.then he tries to know more about stree the ghodt and he come across a book in the library of an expert Rudra, who studied the stree ghost.he tries to read but some of the pages are missing.

Attack on vicky

stree attacks the vicky but is driven away by the mysterious girl Vicky is in love with.the vicky finally gets his friend back to his home .but the behaviour of his friend jaana totally was diffrent and he is in the control of stree the ghost The next morning, more men disappear from the doings of this recovered friend .then next morning vicky and the girl whom vicky loves they meet the author of the book to know more about the stree ghost who tells them a riddle pointing to a saviour, which is later discovered to be Vicky.

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The vicky and his friend tries to kill the stree but the vicky leaves her alive and cut his hair with a nife Vicky’s mysterious girlfriend is seen at the bus stop the next day,and forgrts to ask the name of that girl while in the bus the girl is revealed to be carrying that bunch of hair Vicky had cut from Stree, which she places with the rest of her own hair (as all powers of a witch reside in her hair).she disappears from the bus and She had just used Vicky for her need.

The real stree next year visits the chanderi again and she finds a statue of her self at the town entance gate the words “O Stree, raksha karna” (“O Stree, protect us”) instead of “O Stree kal aana” (“O Stree, come tomorrow”) written on the wall, this movie giving the message that we should respect women, consider them as equal and powerful as men and empower them.

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