How to change bike digital meter reading | reset | repair | step by step 2019.

By | July 3, 2019

How to change bike digital meter reading |reset |repair |step by step 2019..

Hey,  I am Sanjiv shen and today I gonna tell you that how to change bike meter reading or how to reset bike meter reading Step by step….

How to change digital bike meter reading

Basic info related to types of bike meters

What is anolog odometer?
An anolog odometer is similar to car or bike digital meter it also works the same and shows the kilometres the bike ran till now.

Anolog odometer is look like a clock 🕒.

What is digital bike/car meter?

A meter of car or bike is a digital meter which shows the number of kilometer bike ran from its manufactur date to till now…

digital meter shows the kilometer in digital figures ex-1000km etc.

Difference between analog odometer and digital odometer?
There is little bit difference between digital odometer and analog meter.

Digital odometer shows the numerical values digitally on the small screen panel and analog odometer shows it by its arrow ➡ just like clock 🕒…

vehicle is very initial in 2019.

Every one has there own vehicle but there is a great demand of bikes because bike is an affordable solution for middle class families.

So, they have two choices…

  • ‌They can buy a new bike‌
  • Or They can buy a second hand motor bike

From online or offline.

How to change digital bike meter reading

If you own a motor bike and an you are thinking of selling it to others by making the odometer to 0 kms or by reducing the numbers.

So, if you wanna do is that to change your bike meter reading otherwise to reduce the bike meter reading and wanna sell it.

Or for any other reason……

You can do that…. Easily follow the steps…

Before I’ll tell you how to change bike meter reading let me warn you that it is illegal and ists not be fair with the dealer who is purchasing the bike (motor bike).

How to change digital bike meter reading

How to rest or change bike meter reading

Yes it is possible to reset your odometer to 0 kms but no one would believe in you because they can see the condition of the bike and can guess the meter reading that how much kms it run.

This much be more easier with an analog odometer because where in you could change the reading as per your choice and want…

How to change digital bike meter reading

Be fair with your buyer don’t cheat them they are paying for what they are getting.

Think if you need a bike and if some one will do the same with you and you get to know about this then what would be your reaction 😤😨.

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I hope you liked the article if you like it then let me know it by your comments… And do share with your friends and relatives or to those who are trying to cheat the buyers…….

Thank you have a good day.

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